How EvalKey Works

We want to make your evaluation process as simple and streamlined as possible. As such, we here at EvalKey have a simple pricing model to help keep you focused on the game:

  • Minimum Event Cost (what you charge to attend): $10
  • EvalKey fee (what we keep): 30%, not to exceed $5/player
  • Credit Card processing fee (industry standard): 2.9% + 30 cents

Let's look at a couple of examples to clear up any confusion if it exists:

Tryout Registration Amount (set by you) Credit Card Fee EvalKey Total You Receive, Per Registration
$10 $0.59 $2.82 $6.59
$15 $0.74 $4.28 $9.98
$20 $0.58 $5.00 $14.42
$30 $1.17 $5.00 $23.83

At the end of your tryout, EvalKey will cut you a check for your amount due and mail it to you. For example, let's say you decide to charge $20 for your tryout and have 150 players attend. You would receive a check, from us, for $2,163!!! Let us take the hassle out of the evaluation process... from registration to data collection to team slotting...AND send you a check when it is all said and done!!!